5 Ways to Get in Pictures with your Kids

(I apologize in advance for excessive amount of pictures of myself in this post!)

My baby boy turns one next month. There. I said it. I keep trying to ignore the fact that my fourth born is no longer an infant. He’s almost walking, he’s getting into the toilet and kitchen cupboards, he draws on himself with markers and eats weird things off the floor. I still want to snuggle him and rock him like I used to not so long ago when he was 6 pounds of sweetness. I digress…so now that he is almost one I am working on his first baby book. I TRY to make my kids each 1 book for each year of their lives. Sounds easy, but times that by four and I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into. Thank goodness for time stamps and computers!

Where Was Mom 2

As I was looking through his baby pictures I realized how little I am in them. I’ve got a few selfies (2013 word of the year), but not nearly enough. I’d say I’m in more of his pictures than I was for my three older kids. I think I’ve gotten a little more confident (or I care less) in my later years (because now I’ve joined the 30 club)! Since I love seeing my own mother in old photos, I’m determined to get in the frame more often…for my children.

Where Was Mom 21

When was the last time you took a picture with your child? Have you looked through their baby book recently? How many times are you in there? If your answers are the same as mine, your answer is “not very many.” I know, you’re taking the picture, I totally get it. Can I tell you my favorite pictures from my childhood? The ones with my parents in them because a) I love seeing my mother wearing high waisted acid wash jeans and huge rimmed glasses (although I guess those are both back in style? Why 80’s? Why?) and other ridiculous amazing fashions from the 80’s, b) I love to see how they’ve changed over the years, c) I love seeing them at MY age and comparing my looks to theirs, and finally d) I love seeing them with me as a baby/child/teenager. They were so much a part of my life and I want to see that reflected in my childhood pictures.

So please get in there with your children. Even if you have to do a selfie! No one has to know! Here are some tips on getting yourself into pictures.

1. Don’t wait for your hair to be done and your make up to be on. I’m sure you spend more than half your life without these things so let photos represent real life too. Not every picture has to be a glamour shot (see below)!

Where Was Mom 23

Where Was Mom 31

Don’t stress looking perfect in pictures. Pretty sure I’m not even wearing a bra in these ones!

Don’t worry about blurry pictures or crooked horizons (see below). Moments only happen once! So what if you capture that moment and it’s out of focus. At least you’ve documented it.

Where Was Mom 6

Where Was Mom 27

2. Your body is your body. Own it! Guess what! The body in pictures is your body. It’s not perfect, it most likely will never be perfect, but it’s the same body that your children see every day. The same arms that hug them tight. The same tummy you carried them inside of for 9 terrible glorious months. Your body is proof that you gave birth to these amazing little creatures. Those saggy boobs are the same ones you nursed them with! Just own it. Your kids aren’t judging you by your weight or your waist measurement. I promise! You will NEVER be younger than you are TODAY! Take advantage. In 10 years you’ll say, “I wish I had my 30 year old thighs” because believe me, now that I’m 30, I’m saying, “I wish I had my 20 year old thighs that I always complained about!” So get full body shots, not just neck-up shots!

Where Was Mom 32

Where Was Mom 26
That belly was SO worth the cute baby it produced!

Where Was Mom 11

3. If you’re afraid of selfies. No worries. There are other ways to get in pictures without taking a selfie.

Hand the camera to the kids or another adult.

Where Was Mom 28

Where Was Mom 9

Use a self timer. The iPhone App Camera+ has a good self timer.

Where Was Mom 19

Use your headphones as a remote. Did you know that you can use the “volume up” (+) button on your iPhone headphones as a camera remote? Just open your camera app plug in your headphones and click the + button. Pretty cool.


Use a mirror.

Where Was Mom 1
4. Have fun with your kids! Show your posterity what a fun mom you were! That’s the beauty of having children right? You still get to act like a kid sometimes!

Where Was Mom 13

Where Was Mom 17

5. Get your significant other in the picture too! Your kids might want to see Dad occasionally too!

Where Was Mom 10

Where Was Mom 25

Where Was Mom 20

So now that you are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to get in those family pictures get shooting! We’d love to see some of your own pictures with your kids. Post them on our Facebook page, Instagram them with #5Ways and @travel_parent_eat or email them to us at travelparenteat@gmail (dot) com.


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4 Responses to 5 Ways to Get in Pictures with your Kids

  1. Ashley January 14, 2014 at 1:20 pm #

    I love seeing all these pics of you! Makes me miss you tons! Oh, and nice blog.

    • Vanessa Hunt January 15, 2014 at 1:17 pm #

      Miss you too Ash! And thank you! Hope you’ll be guest posting on here for us often! xoxo

  2. Donna Raine January 16, 2014 at 7:49 pm #

    Yea, those 80’s bombs are documented for all posterity…most unfortunate!


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