5 Tips to Help With Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Yes, it’s that time of year.  I have a confession, I’ve been looking forward to starting my spring cleaning in the hopes that it will bring spring faster.  I also want to get rid of the germs that might be lingering and causing our head colds.  This is how I accomplish spring cleaning and keep this daunting task manageable.



This step seems to be the hardest for me, but makes the most sense to get it out of the way first.  I get distracted when I’m doing something I don’t like cleaning, so if there’s a pile of clothes that need to be donated to the thrift store, I’ll do that and it may take me a day or more to get back to the cleaning.  If the organizing is out of the way, I am less likely to be distracted and it’s faster to move from one room to the next.  Go through each room and designate the toys, clothes, accessories that need to be donated and then organize the items you are keeping how you want it.  It really does save time.

Hire Someone

maid services

I know we are supposed to be supermoms and take care of everything ourselves, but that just isn’t realistic.  Maid services may be out of the budget for some, but there might be the option to trade services in exchange for help with cleaning.  I would wash someone’s walls if they would provide dinner for my family.   I can handle cleaning my house, but it’s hard when the kids are home, so having someone watch my kids while I’m cleaning helps, and I’ll offer the same exchange.  What could you provide to have a friend or family member help you clean your house?

It may also be possible to hire maid services to do one specific job and save some time and money that way.  There are also groupon/living social deals available to purchase maid services at a discount.

Set a Plan

set a plan

The type of plan really depends on personal preference.  Are you the type to accomplish all the tasks in one room before moving on to the next?  Does it suit you better to finish one task in every room and then start with a different task?  I use a combination.  There aren’t any set rules, just pick the plan and stick to it.  I hate having my carpet cleaner out for a few weeks, so I’ll finish every task in the room except carpet cleaning, and when everything else is done, I will go back and clean all the carpets (or pay someone to come clean them).

Use a Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist


There are a variety of checklists available on pinterest or other internet sources.  I use this one, and it works for me.  Take what  you like from the other checklists and create your own.  Using a checklist makes it easier to have someone help, and ensures each room is cleaned with the same expectations.  When I’m working in my fourth room, I might forget to clean the window track, but if it’s on the checklist I will go back to get it done.

Pace Yourself

cleaning the house

As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Neither was your house.  It takes a while to get the cleaning done especially when trying to stay on top of the regular cleaning.  As part of your plan, try to set attainable goals for each day, or each week.  Focus on one room each Saturday, or one task each day.  Whatever your schedule is, work around that and avoid the burnout.

What is your least favorite cleaning job?  How do you fit in spring cleaning?

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