5 Tips for Visiting Four Corners Monument

Have you ever been to Four Corners Monument? It is a unique monument because it is the only place in the US where four states intersect at one point: Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.

5 tips for visiting 4 corners monument

I had a chance to visit Four Corners with my kids, and while it was fun, there is not a ton to do, so I wanted to share some tips with other travelers for how to get the most out of a visit to Four Corners!

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Tip One: Bring Cash!

It costs $5 a person to get into the park, although little ones under 6 are FREE! But you have to have cash. There is no electricity out there, so they can’t take cards. So be sure to take money with you. The monument is run by the Navajo people, and the money is used to maintain the monument, etc. so there won’t be exceptions!


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Tip Two: Plan to Hike

There is not a lot to do around Four Corners Monument. It takes a few hours to drive there from anywhere else, and so you probably want to spend more than a few minutes there. Other than the monument, taking some pics, and visiting the artisans at the little shops, there is little to do. So wear your hiking shoes because there are several trails and beautiful scenery.

bring a camera

Tip Three: Bring Your Camera

We loved taking goofy photos on the intersection of the four states, especially one where all of my kids were in a different state! Take your camera and capture some of the unique arts and fun there is at Four Corners! But again, no electricity so be sure to bring plenty of battery power because you won’t be able to charge up while you are there.

navajo artisans

Tip Four: Learn about the Navajo People

All around the monument are little shops with local Navajo artisans. You will be able to find authentic foods, like fry breads. You will see artists who are painting right on the spot. So take a few minutes to browse and appreciate the culture and art. But it will mean more to you if you learn about the history and culture of the Navajos before you go. You can learn more here.

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Tip Five: Bring food, water, etc.

It is a remote location. But it is very beautiful. there is some food for sale, again, bring cash. But there are plenty of picnic areas, so you could pack and bring a picnic and enjoy it at the monument.

I hope you visit Four Corners Monument, and really enjoy yourself!



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