5 Tips For Better Holiday Card Photos

Holiday photo images

I am notorious for sending my Christmas cards out late, or not at all, because we did not get the family photos done soon enough, or at all, or I hated them, or I took them with a self timer because my husband did not have enough time off work to go get real ones done. You get the idea.

We understand the struggle that is getting a good holiday card photo. So if you want to be able to send out a stunner, learn from my mistakes, and consider the following 5 tips for getting great holiday card pictures that you love and want to send out!

 Tip One: Get Close and Layer

This is your FAMILY photo, so overlap, get close, close the gaps, and show how much you love one another!  Awkward gaps ruin a photo, but so does standing arm to arm. Instead, stand slightly in front of and behind one another and layer yourselves. You want your heads on different levels, and to be tight!

 Tip Two: Show Your Now

Chances are if you have kids they are not going to want to sit still and smile, so consider opting for a photo of how your life is: busy kids, on the move, not cooperating. These make a great holiday card photo because they capture who you are! In other words, don’t plan on the kids cooperating, instead ask for those candid shots, and have fun with it. You may be able to get your little one to sit still for a few, so take advantage of those, and try to make a game out of it so it is fun, not stressful!

 Tip three: Use What You Like

While the photographer is the professional, it is important to consider your own preferences and tastes as well. Use props, don’t use props, whatever you like. I am not a prop girl, so every time I let a photographer include props in the photos I end up not liking them. Or I think they are cute, but don’t print them or really use them. So find your style. It can be helpful for you and your photographer if you find photos you like and share them so they know what you want.

Tip Four: Posing

Know some tips for posing better. If you do not like how YOU look, chances are you won’t like the photos. A few simple tips are to lean slightly toward the camera, bend at the joints, tilt those shoulders, and if you are a mom, consider being back and middle unless you are super proud of your figure.

To find more great posing tips, visit: I Heart Faces or check out our post on Tips and Tricks for Looking Better in Pics. 

 Tip Five: Wear the Right Clothes

When you dress so you feel great, you will look better in pictures. Make sure you feel confident in what you are wearing and how you look. Kristen Duke Photography has a great resource for learning how to best select your clothes for photos.

We want to see your holiday photos this December, so be sure to share them to our Facebook Page!


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