5 Things to Improve Your Baking

5 things you can do to improve your baking

This post came from Alisha at Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes. She is a baker who WON Cakecake Wars, and has a busy cupcakery that sells some of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten. She really knows her stuff, and was happy to share with us for our #5Ways Series.


Tip one: Invest in a good mixer.

Alisha uses an industrial grade mixer, but she says that if you are serious about being a better baker, buying a good Kitchen-Aid for your home, or a similar quality mixer is always a good idea. You will get better results, and do less work! Win-win, right?


Tip two: Beat the eggs and sugar.

One of the best parts of Alisha’s cupcakes is that they are light, fluffy, and totally decadent. I asked her how she makes them so light, and she said the secret is to beat those eggs and sugar longer for a lighter cupcake. Try it!

How to improve your baking


Tip three: Soft butter.

Whenever you make cupcakes you need soft butter to cream together with your sugar. Well, despite what everyone says, Alisha tells me that you don’t have to leave it out on your counter, or even do the whole grating trick (have you seen that? Where you grate it into the bowl with a cheese grater!) you can just warm it in your microwave. The trick is to do it slowly just 15-20 seconds at a time so that it doesn’t melt at all.


Tip four: The BEST frosting requires salt.

This is my favorite tip. Most frosting recipes call for unsalted butter. Alisha says no way, she uses the salted kind, and adds just a tiny pinch extra (a pinch goes a long way). The addition of a touch of salt to the frosting enhances the flavors and gives the frosting a little extra zing!


Tip five: No Margarine.

Enough said!

Better baking

Can you tell good baking requires butter! I mean it really is true that your end product is only as good as the ingredients you start with.

Now if you love the idea of better baking, but don’t want to make the cupcakes yourself, well you are in luck because at the end of the week we are doing a giveaway with Cravings! One lucky reader will win a $25 gift certificate to Alisha’s shop in Pleasant Grove, UT. We were able to interview her and learn about how she got up and running, and take a tour of her darling cupcakery! So check back tomorrow to check out her interview and to enter to win!

Tell us your favorite baking secret here, or on Facebook. And don’t forget to use #5ways to tag your baking photos on Instagram!


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  1. Juli Purcell January 31, 2014 at 1:41 am #

    Oooh I love this!!! And such pretty pictures too! Can I link to this on my blog?!

    • Rachael January 31, 2014 at 11:56 am #

      Of course!


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