5 Reasons to Visit Sapphire Beach Resort

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting San Pedro, Belize and staying at the Sapphire Beach Resort.

The Sapphire Beach Resort is a quiet, secluded resort on the island of San Pedro, off the coast of Belize. It boasts the natural beauty of Windex blue waters, palm trees, gorgeous weather, and plenty of animal life. And is a fantastic place to go for a relaxing break from the hubbub and chaos of everyday life.

There is a helpful and friendly staff, which will go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. The rooms are charming. When we arrived there were fresh flowers, and a delicious mixed fruit drink waiting for us.

The grounds are well kept, the pools intimate and clean, and the options for entertainment varied. The resort offers movies, games, books, and magazines free of charge, as well as complimentary snorkel equipment, fishing poles, and beach gear, and has two 2-person kayaks for guests to use.

And best of all, the restaurant on property is clean, the menu varied, and the food fresh and delicious!

Here are 5 reasons you should drop what you are doing right now and book your travel to Sapphire Beach Resort in Belize.


The resort is far away from anything and everything. So you really do get away from it all. You can take a 30 minute boat ride to San Pedro Town if you want to do more, but otherwise you have hammocks, pools, lovely stretches of beach, and a quiet, intimate resort to relax in.

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Real Belize Experience

As we walked the grounds of the resort we saw all kinds of animal life from raccoons to iguanas. The conch shells can be found all around the property. And you are bound to meet locals if you do any exploring.

The resort is fairly secluded, you aren’t surrounded by tourist trap options that suck you in and have you spending big bucks. The resort is on mile 10, and the road only goes out to about mile 8, so the only way there is by boat or by walking along the beach. Which means during your stay you see some of the real stuff Belize has to offer.

Check back next week to read about our Coconut Adventure, which was one of the highlights of our trip, and came from the “real life” stuff we saw in Belize.

real belize

The Food!

Sapphire Beach Resort offers a restaurant called El Zafiro, and it is so tasty. With each morsel you will feel a little closer to the elusive paradise we all seem to seek. El Zafiro has an award winning Chef, Chef Vic, and boasts fresh local flavors, a friendly wait staff, timely, made-to-order food, and lovely food presentation. My only advice, wear a sweater or ask for the AC to be turned down. Brrr. Oh and eat lobster, lots and lots of lobster. And ceviche. And drink their Pina Coladas, the best I had anywhere in Belize.

the food, sapphire

The Staff

I can’t say it enough, but the staff was exceptional. From Rafael, the boat driver, to James the server, to Luis the manager, everyone was thoughtful, considerate, and helpful. I asked if I could get a shell, and Marten (the assistant chef) gave James a clean one for me to take home. When we mentioned we were thinking about heading into town one day of our stay, the staff made sure to knock on our door and let us know the times the boat would be leaving. We felt very well cared for, and the staff always remembered our names.

the staff

The Rooms

I only stayed in one room, so I can’t vouch for all room types, but our room was spacious, the bed comfortable, the AC worked great. The bathroom was very nice, and clean. There was a kitchen which gives guests the option of preparing food for themselves. The staff cleaned regularly, and it was very cute, and decorated suitably for the island theme. The quality of the room exceeded my expectation for the price I paid (about $130/night).

the rooms

As you can see I really loved my stay. Were there any downsides? Of course:

  • No sunscreen or bug spray sold on property: You might remember I mentioned it is a bit secluded, which means to get bug spray and sunscreen you have to travel into town by boat. And this means you have to find a way back, either by waiting for the next boat (the resort has 2 boats a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the late afternoon), or chartering a boat or taking the local ferry. Depending on the time of year this can be tricky. Avoid this problem by bringing some with you. You will definitely need it. *I did mention this to the manager and he assured me they would remedy this, so it may not be a problem when you visit.
  • A little pricey: The restaurant, while exceptional when it comes to the quality and taste of the food, but it is a little expensive. Dinner prices range from mid $20 a plate to over $40. While not ridiculous, it is the only place to eat, unless you bring food to cook in your room. Fortunately the resort does offer an all-inclusive option, and I highly recommend taking advantage of it. The food is very good, as are the drinks, and you will want to try everything on the menu!
  • Inconsistent: My last complaint is simply that again, due to the secluded nature of the resort, you sometimes couldn’t get what you wanted, and what you ordered was not always the same. For example, my husband ordered a breakfast, and the next day our friend ordered the same one, but the two dishes were completely different. Why? Because the kitchen did not have the same stuff available to it.
    Sometimes you had to wait for the food delivery for the day if you wanted something specific on the menu. So if you go knowing to be a little flexible you will really enjoy yourself! And for the record, I found this to be a problem everywhere we went in Belize, not just Sapphire Beach Resort. No matter what restaurant we went to, they always mentioned a few items on their menu were not available that day. So keep that in mind!

in Belize, San Pedro

We will definitely be back! I am already planning a trip to Sapphire with my kids, as I think they will love it even more than I did!

Learn how to get to San Pedro from Belize City Airport here.

How to get to San Pedro, Belize

*I received an upgrade to all-inclusive in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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