5 More Ways to Have Fun at Home

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We recently posted about ways to Have Fun at Home, find the article here.

I want my family to spend less time and money away from home, and instead find ways to enjoy and feel contentment at home. To accomplish this I have created a list of things our family enjoys doing that we can do at home.

Here are 5 more ways to have fun at home:

1.  Dance Party:

Turn on your favorite tunes and dance. Simple, fun, easy, cheap, and memorable. This is probably my kiddos favorite pastime. If you don’t know what moves to do you can use Just Dance for the Wii. That is one of my favorite ways to pass time with my kids. It is hilarious and so fun!


2. Backyard Marshmallow Roast:

Who doesn’t want an Ooey Gooey S’more? One of my favorite things to do is start a fire in the backyard and enjoy a night of roasting. I hate the smell, but the melty chocolate, toasty marshmallow, and crunchy graham cracker makes every smoky shirt worth it. Or, make smore’s fondue in your kitchen, with minimal effort.


3. Playing Outdoors:

It is possible to play outside all year round, even in the several feet of snow I have been dealing with. The beauty of outdoor play is that it is fun, and it offers endless possibilities (up to your imagination), often involves some exercise, and my personal favorite…totally free!


4. Cleaning Together:

This may sound crazy, but one of the favorite things we do as a family is called “dodge block.” This is a game where we throw foam blocks at one another, using the couches, chairs, and other furniture to hide behind and shield ourselves.

The way this silly game came about was my husband was trying to help my four year old pick up the foam blocks he had gotten out. Being the often obstinate child that He is, He did not want to do his chore. So, my husband made it into a game. They called to me, and when I walked in, they start throwing the blocks at me. Granted, not a lot of them were cleaned up at this point, but it got him excited about the blocks, and after playing, he gladly helped clean them up.

We have a lot of fun cleaning together when I remember to not take things too seriously. We turn on some tunes, make a race or game out of it, or just talk and laugh while we work side-by-side. (Disclosure: Cleaning together does not always go this way, sadly, but when it does, I count my blessings). If you want some tips for getting your kids to do their chores without too much complaining, check out this post.


5. Dress up or Fancy Night:

Dressing up does not have to mean costumes. But it can. My daughter’s favorite way to spend time at home is doing manicures. She loves the cleaning, filing, massage, painting, and everything else. My sons enjoy dressing up too. Putting on fancy clothes, doing hair, wearing cologne and perfume, and having a “fancy” candle-lit dinner, with goblets and the like is always a hit. Have fun at home by having your own fancy night with a special dinner, special dishes, and your best clothes and hair do!


How does your family have fun at home? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below or by sharing your ideas on Facebook. We love hearing from you!


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