5 More Date Night Ideas

5 Date Night Ideas

Did you read our last post about date night? I talked about why I go on a WEEKLY date night with my hubby, and shared 5 ideas for doing so. You can find the post here: 5 Date Night Ideas.


Now I want to share 5 more date night ideas, just to help you mix things up and keep it fun and interesting. No date night ruts around here!

1. Sports: Even though sports can be a source of contention in our marriage, I have found that I really enjoy participating in, watching, or doing something sports related with my hubby. As long as it is not at home where I have a million other things to do. We have gone to a number of games and it is always fun. We have also played football, basketball, softball, and more. Figure out what works for you and your budget. A college game can be just as exciting as a pro game.

We used to live near a Frisbee golf course, so we bought a couple sets of discs, and whenever we had no money for date night, we would go play Frisbee golf. It was a lot of fun! A game of one on one basketball, or HORSE is also a favorite, even if I usually lose.


2. Reading: When we were dating before our marriage one of the first things that brought us together was our love of Harry Potter. We would both buy a copy of the latest book, and then sit together reading it. We would pause and discuss or debate what we had read. It was really fun, even if it is cheesy.

I remember one time we were on our way to an event, and I was reading about Professor Umbridge, and I was so mad about what I had read I wanted to talk about it, but Brett hadn’t gotten that far yet. I made him pull over and trade me so I could drive and he could read so we could talk about it. It is a fond memory for both of us. We still laugh about it ten years later.

These days we don’t have as much leisure time to read together, but we do enjoy the occasional date night to a bookstore. We buy a caramel apple spice, and browse the shelves. We talk about whatever we have been reading lately, our favorite authors, and narrators (we love Audible). These can be lively discussions!


3. Workout: We should probably do more of this, but one thing we have enjoyed is going to the gym together. We sometimes go to a class and sometimes we do cardio or lift weights, but we try to do our workouts together. This is another option for us when we can’t find a sitter because we can use the gym daycare for 90 minutes. So we talk, run by each other (we were both runners in our past), ride the stationary bikes by each other, spot each other, etc. Getting fit together has perks!


4. Play the Wii: This is near the bottom of my list because I am not a huge fan of video games. However, I do enjoy a few games and playing together is something I can get behind. We have enjoyed date nights of Wii bowling, Wii golf, Wii tennis, and of course some Mario Kart. If you do not have a Wii, this could apply to any gaming system. Find a game you both love (or at least enjoy mildly), and have at it!


5. The fun center date: I include this because if you know me, you know I love to bowl. Bowling is a fun date and one of my favorite ways to spend an evening with my husband. However, fun centers do not just have bowling. There is roller skating, batting cages, arcades, mini-golf, laser tag, bumper cars or boats, bouncy houses, pool, go-karts, and more! The beauty of a date night at a fun center is you can do the stuff that appeals, and skip the stuff that doesn’t!

Once my husband and I were enjoying playing laser tag on a group date, and my pants caught on a lose nail in the dark laser alley. Riiiiiiiiip! Needless to say, after laughing at me for a minute, Brett ran me home so I could change. Despite the loss of the pants (a favorite pair) it was a very memorable night!


Don’t let lack of ideas get in the way of a date night! Get out there and have fun. And never let lack of babysitters get in the way. You can read our ideas for avoiding the babysitter dilemma here. We would love to know some of your favorite ways to date your spouse. Please share on Facebook or in the comments.



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