4th of July Eats and Treats Round up

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I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to bring to our family’s 4th of July get-together.  I have been searching pinterest for some inspiration, and received a little too much, now I can’t decide!  Which of these great ideas are you going to make?  Will you help me decide too?  Thanks!

Let’s start with the breakfast options:

 These blueberry sour cream pancakes look amazing!  Add some fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and it’s perfectly festive for the start of your independence day.  Get the recipe here from Wine and Glue.

 If you are saving your colors for later in the day, but still want something Americana for breakfast, try these Rootbeer Pancakes from Cherised Bliss.

 The traditional red, white, and blue fruit tray can make its appearance first thing in the morning, just keep extra berries on hand to replenish throughout the day.  This festive tray is from Wenderly.

 Maybe you want to save the whole fruit tray for later, just serve these cute dipped strawberries.  It’s okay to have a little extra sugar on a holiday, right? Check out the tutorial on The Sister’s Cafe.

Here are some other great fruit recipe round-ups to search for some healthier snacks on July 4th.

 from This Silly Girl’s Life

 from My Joy Filled Life

What about lunch?  We like to barbecue, anything, so here’s some ideas for barbecuing, and sides to go with the main dish.

 I can’t wait to taste this root beer barbecue sauce on our ribs this year.  Get the recipe and print off the cute label from A Mom’s Take.

 Wrap up these dogs, then let the kids roast them over the fire.  Adding the cupcake liners at the bottom is ingenious, from They Are Crafty

 Baked Beans go great with any barbecue, but these look amazing from Way 2 Independence

 Need some taters to go along with those beans and barbecue.  How about red, white, and blue fingerling potatoes?  Check out The Cilantropist for recipes.

 Hummus is the perfect “White” dip for the 4th, especially when you add red bell peppers, and blue corn chips.  I love this idea from Pear Tree Greetings.

 Or use all veggies and die your dip blue, so clever at Pear Tree Greetings.

 If you need something to wash all that food down with, try this recipe from Big Bear’s Wife.

Now on to the main event. Drumroll please………The Desserts!

july 4 treats

Aaahhhh, pinterest is packed with a plethora of 4th of July desserts.  It seems like the only option that comes up when you type in 4th of July food is desserts.  So here’s the main recipes I’m toying with making this year.



 Nothing says “Happy Birthday” better than cake, cheesecake that is.  This patriotic cheesecake from Sweet as a Cookie looks so festive and yummy.  Check out the recipe here.

 I know I’m making these patriotice rice krispie treats, with my own little twist.  I just love this inspiration from Baking Beauty.

 These swirled marshmallows sure would look cute on your decked out table.  Get the recipe and directions from Home Cooking Memories.

 Cake pops are always fun.  Coloring them to make a flag just adds to the enjoyment.  This version is from My Juice Cup.  She has several other patriotic varieties on her site.

 Can’t get much easier than dipping yummy treats in white chocolate and sprinkling with patriotic sprinkles.  But I had to see it on 3GLOL.net, before I thought of it myself.

 Ice cream is a must on the 4th, so why not decorate the cones?  Or use the cones to hold other yummy treats.  The tutorial for these dipped cones is at Noble Pig.

 If you really want cake for the 4th, make this cake colored on the inside and out.  Get the instructions from Cooking With Sugar.

 These festive hats are just marshmallows on top of ritz crackers.  Get the detailed instructions from Party Pinching.

 Skinny Taste shares this Berry Trifle as a healthier dessert option.  Find her recipe here.

So now do you understand my dilemma?  I wish I had the time (and calorie allotment) to make/try them all!  Have a safe and fun 4th of July!

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3 Responses to 4th of July Eats and Treats Round up

  1. slavila July 2, 2014 at 12:54 pm #

    Thank you for sharing my Strawberry recipe round-up!

  2. Audra July 8, 2014 at 12:29 am #

    What a wonderful round up! Thank you for including our Root Beer Pancakes :)

    • Anne Banks July 11, 2014 at 9:29 am #

      Thanks for visiting Audra! I tried the root beer pancakes this morning, they were a huge hit!