4-Leaf Clover Garland

4 leaf clover garland

I love crafts that use up supplies I already have on hand, I can do with my son, and help the house look more festive for the upcoming holiday.  Of course, this craft does all three, otherwise why would I start this post listing those characteristics? 😀

It was a very simple craft and quick because we used the stapler (which my son loves).  You could use glue as well if you don’t want the staples to show on the final project, it will just take a bit longer with gluing each strip and waiting for the glue to dry.

paper clover step 1

You will want three different colors of paper.  I used a cardstock for the inside layer because the cardstock is the same color on each side.  There are two-sided papers available if you would prefer.  I used white for the middle layer to blend the other layers.  I picked a fun, green for the outside because this is most noticeable.  The strips are all cut 3/4 inches wide and one-inch difference on length.  I used 4 inches for the inside, 5 inches for the middle, and 6 inches for the outside.  You will need 4 strips for each clover.  I made 5 clovers, so I cut 20 strips.  I didn’t quite have enough of the outside green, so I used a different green and alternated on the garland.Paper clover step 2

Once all the strips are cut, the layering begins.  You will layer from shortest to longest, and then longest to shortest.  Make sure all the ends match on one side.

Paper clover step 3

The third step is the difference between stapling and gluing.  We used the stapler and stapled through all 6 layers of paper.  If you use glue or a gluestick, make sure each paper is glued together on the side that the ends match up.

paper clover step 4

Finally, the shape gets started.  You will curve the paper to match the other ends and layer the next strips of paper, longest to shortest, matching all the ends.  Staple through all 6 layers again.

paper clover steps 5 and 6

You will repeat step 4 one more time, and by now you should begin to see the clover shape.  The last step is a little trickier because you have to hold two curved parts and insert the stem before stapling.  The paper has to be turned slightly to fit into the stapler, but this won’t effect the finished shape.

Repeat these steps to complete all the shamrocks you want! Once they are all finished, either thread string through the tops, or I just stapled in a ribbon on the top of each shamrock.

Once your done making these paper shamrocks, make these cookie shamrocks together!

Decorate Shamrock cookies

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