30 Day Road Trip: Indianapolis, IN Day 11-13

Thank you VisitIndy.com for providing complimentary food and fun to facilitate this post, and keep it free to my readers. All opinions are my own. #LoveIndy

The fun we had in a city we knew nothing about, and all the family friendly activities you can imagine! Indianapolis was a blast!

Indianapolis11 days into our 30 day road trip we ended up in Indianapolis, IN. So to catch up any new comers, I took my kids on a 30 day road trip across the US, you can see a rough outline of where we headed on the map above, or check out a more detailed itinerary in this post.

After several fun stops in Colorado, Nebraska, and Illinois, we headed to Indiana.

I had never visited Indiana before, and did not know what to expect. I reached out to VisitIndy.com and they helped me put together an itinerary that would be fun for the foodie side of me, as well as fun for a van full of kids.

Because we had SOOOOO much fun everywhere we went, I decided to give each place it’s own post. So for this post I will just share an overview of our itinerary in Indianapolis, and a few of my thoughts, tips, and suggestions for visiting with kids.

Day One:


Rhythm! Discovery Center: I can’t say enough good about this place. Be sure to check out the full post, but here’s what you need to know. It is a music museum in downtown Indy, full of percussive drums. And it is interactive.

Rhythm2tpeMy advice, if you are sensitive to noise, bring ear plugs! Otherwise, plan for at least a couple hours.

We spent a few hours there, had some lunch in the Panera that is in the same building, then headed to our next activity.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: Where to even begin? It is the world’s largest. It has five floors of interactive learning. It is amazing. There is something for kids of all ages. And it is a blast!

ChildrenMuseumWe only had 3 hours there, but could have spent the entire day.

My tip: Plan a whole day, as you will need it to get through the whole museum. Be sure to read the full post on the Children’s Museum, because this is a MUST SEE place.

After we left we headed to dinner. We ate at B’s Po Boy, which served delicious Cajun style food. And offers fun for the whole family with a great menu, as well as bocce and Jenga out on the patio while you wait for your food.

Jenga Po Boy

The food, atmosphere, and fun were all worth the visit. We even ate alligator there, so be sure to check it out.

Day Two:

We were so worn out after all our fun and some late night swimming in the hotel pool, we decided to take day two a little easier, and so we headed to downtown to a cute, and delicious restaurant called Le Peep for some brunch.

LePeep-MenuThis was my kid’s favorite place to eat in Indy, so we actually went back a second time. They serve breakfast foods, and make them like Grandma would. My kids LOVED the mouse ear shaped Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Delicious! I will be posting all about it in a few days.

Then we went to White River State Park. The park is beautiful and has a lot to offer including a canal you can paddleboat on, trails you can ride bikes on, the Indy Zoo and Botanic Gardens, as well as several museums. It is 250 acres.

white river park

We visited the NCAA Hall of Champions, which was the highlight of the trip for my sports loving oldest son.  Again, I will be devoting an entire post to this museum, and all it has to offer, including an educational level and interactive level of sports fun!


My advice: Plan plenty of time to see the park, pack a picnic and take advantage of the green areas and shade, and bring your camera, as there are plenty of photo ops!

Day Three:

We headed to Conner Prairie Interactive History Park.

conner prairie history

I had no idea what to expect, I had checked out the website, and it looked promising, but I had no idea it would be so fun. It was similar to our experience in Nauvoo. It was full of various areas giving kids a hands on glimpse into life in the past. They LOVED it, and we stayed until close.


One of the things we got to enjoy at Conner Prairie was riding a tethered hot air balloon. We got to go up 377 feet, and from there we could see a whole lot! It was pretty cool, and my kids are not likely to forget it soon.

Tip: Take time to learn about the air balloon-ists in the hallways before the place you go to get on the balloon, as it will make it more personal and fun for your kids!


After a long day in the sun, and a whole lot of fun we went to Traders Point Creamery to eat some ice cream, and some dinner. We got ice cream first, naturally, explored a bit, then ended up getting our food to-go as the little ones were worn out.


The ice cream was fantastic, and the food is a farm to table menu, and a lot of it is right from the property. It was very cool to walk around the gardens, and then eat foods and be able to tell my kids that the cheeses came from the cows we saw, and the microgreens from the garden, etc.


My advice: If taking kids, go for breakfast or lunch, the restaurant is nice. And plan on dessert. The ice cream was phenomenal. So was the frozen yogurt. So was the shake.

Again, I will be posting about each of these stops in more depth, so be sure to check back for all the details, tips, and more photos!

All in all, we loved Indiana, and Indianapolis, and I am already planning to visit again so my husband can check out some of the great things this area has to offer!


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