14 Days of Love Project

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday usually celebrated as couples, but I NEVER get to do that. My husband works in a restaurant. What is one of the busiest restaurant nights of the year? You got it! Valentine’s Day.

Rather than resent the holiday, this year I decided to make it a family affair. And so, I invite you to join me for the 14 Days of Love Project.

There are 3 parts to this project:

1. Love notes

The first and in my opinion most important part of the 14 Days of Love Project is expressing that love. When we were dating, I used to write Brett silly little poems, and when we recently moved, I found them in his stuff. It made me happy. Expressing love in writing gives the person something tangible to go back to. I know my kids will love this.

To make it fun, I have cut out 14 paper hearts for each of my family members. I am going to write my love notes on the hearts, and add one to their bedroom door each day. It will be a heart attack with extra LOVE!


2. Love treats

One of my bowling friends gives little treats to her kids each day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Nothing big or fancy, just something to get them excited and feeling festive. I loved this idea, so I asked her for the cheesy sayings she uses to go with the treats. Then I whipped up these little tags to give them with the treats. How cute are they? You can put them in any order, but I am doing it like this:

Day one: A Can of Soda

Soda ya know?

Day two: Cheese Puffs

Sounds cheesey

Day Three: Something Minty. I am thinking a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!

I mint to tell youDay Four: A Ring Pop!

You are a gemDay Five: Fruit Loops Cereal


Day Six: Sun chips or Capri Sun

You are my SunshineDay Seven: Fruit by the Foot

Love you by the footDay Eight: Donuts (If you want to make your own, try these: Red Velvet Donuts)

Donut know I love youDay Nine: A pack of gum

I'd Chews You!Day Ten: Cookies (These Chocolate Dipped Wafer Cookies are really fun)

Smart CookieDay Eleven: Starbursts!

Heart BurstDay Twelve: Twix Bars

Be twix you and meDay Thirteen: Cupcakes!


Day Fourteen: Any Heart Shaped Treat!

heart happyFeel free to change the treats how you want to fit the sayings. You can download the tags here, just print them on photopaper or cardstock and go from there.


Download available here.

14 Days of Love Treat Tags

3. A special family dinner

The last part of project is for the actual day of love. I am all for people going out, after all, if they didn’t, my husband probably would not have a job. However, those of us with kids know that finding a sitter on Valentine’s Day, and fighting crowds in busy restaurants isn’t exactly easy or romantic. Hence a family Valentine’s Dinner at home. Don’t worry, we will give you some ideas for how to make this special. Our dinner will involve a table cloth, dressing nicely, and candle sticks!


I hope you join in! The goal is to increase the love in the family, and make this a special holiday for all. Post your pictures of your love notes, special treats, and ultimately the family dinner on Instagram with #TPEV-DAY, or on Facebook. We would love to see them!


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